Laminated glass, either alone or within an insulating glass unit (IGU) can offer improved protection against unwanted entry. With a suitably thick interlayer within the laminated glass construction, penetration through the glass is made more difficult.

For new builds, the following regulations apply;


Building Regulations


England & Wales

Approved Document Q

Section 1 – Doors

Section 2 - Windows


Domestic Handbook

Section 4.13 – Security

Other standards also exist as below, and are commonly applied to larger commercial projects for ground floor glazing;


EN 356:2000 Requirement


PAS 24:2012

EN 356:2000 Class P1A

Minimum Requirement

STS 204 Issue 3:2012

PAS 24 & BS 6375


LPS 1175 Issue 7:2010

Security Rating (LPS 1270)

Can be rated between 1-8

LPS 2081 Issue 1:2015

Security Rating (LPS 1270)

Can be rated between 1-8

Secured By Design

EN 356:2000 Class P1A

Minimum Requirement

Secured by Design is likely the most well-known of these standards, and provides a requirement for a minimum P1A classification for glass, when tested in accordance with EN 356 [1].

SGG STADIP PROTECT will typically offer a P2A rating, so exceeding the requirements of Secured by Design.

Referenced Documents


European Committee for Standardization, EN 356:2000 - Glass in building. Security glazing. Testing and classification of resistance against manual attack, CEN, 2000.