Glass and interior design

In response to the more experimental and innovative demands of interior design, the SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS DESIGN range.

Whether shaped, edgeworked or surface-decorated, in single or double-glazed form, SGG CLIMALIT DESIGN for example, flat or curved, is ideal for:

Glazed partitions

Transparent or translucent glass, even combinations of the two, can be used for internal partitions to seemingly increase the sense of interior space and introduce light into rooms.

Depending on the translucency of the glass, a glazed partition can be used to create varying degrees of vision control in a room, even complete privacy if required, without resorting to blinds and curtains.

has been developed to fulfil the functional principles of interior glass whilst embellishing and animating interior spaces.


In exterior windows, SGG CLIMALIT DESIGN and SGG CLIMAPLUS DESIGN double-glazed units incorporating glasses from the SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS DESIGN family, combine the functions of heat insulation, individual aesthetic appearance and vision control (if the chosen glazing is translucent). A double-glazed unit incorporating Georgian bars can also enhance a window’s appearance.


Using glass in internal doors by means of glazing bars or bullion windows, transforms them into interior features. Customisation of the glass further enhances the doors, even by simple processes such as bevelling and edgeworking. Glass types recommended for this sort of application include SGG DECORGLASS, SGG MASTERGLASS, SGG MIRALITE-EVOLUTION, SGG SAINT-JUST, etc.

Furthermore, SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS offers a range of all-glass doors, intended primarily for interiors, but which can be modified for external application.


Glass is increasingly used in furniture, and a comprehensive selection of SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS products are well suited to this application.

Used to clad cabinet doors, SGG MIRALITE-EVOLUTION silvered glass and SGG PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION lacquered glass bring a timeless elegance to furniture.

Both transparent or translucent glass products from the SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS DESIGN family can be used to actually produce types of furniture, especially where selective processing and edgework will enhance both form and appearance

-for example table tops, shelving,

bookcases, display cases, etc. Certain products in the range combine aesthetics with safety, and are therefore recommended for many furniture applications where safety is a concern, for example shower screens and table-tops.

Interior wall panelling

SGG MIRALITE-EVOLUTION silvered glass and SGG PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION lacquered glass can be used to clad interior walls, either as full-height cladding or as decorative panels.

When used as wall cladding, SGG MIRALITE-EVOLUTION reflects light and accentuates the sense of space and openness.

Alternatively SGG PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION brings colour, lustre and a timeless quality to interior decor (hotel reception areas, public buildings, department stores, offices, domestic kitchens and bathrooms, etc.).

Guarding and balustrades

Provided national safety requirements are complied with (by using laminated SGGSTADIP PROTECT glass or SGG SECURIT toughened glass), the glass products in the SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS DESIGN family can be used for guarding and balustrading, where safety, decoration or manifestation are required.Glass signage

The many techniques for customising glass (screen-printing, acid-etching, sandblasting, engraving, etc.) can be used to produce bespoke, durable and distinctive signage.


For any interior applications, the glass used must always comply with current standards and regulations. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, BS 6262 Part 4 applies.

For information on safety glass (SGG STADIP and SGG STADIP PROTECT laminated glass, SGG SECURIT toughened glass), please refer to the SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS PROTECT