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Calculation tools and technical services from Saint-Gobain glass

SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS has sophisticated software packages at its disposal with the technical expertise and experience to assist and validate glass specifications.

Detailed stress analysis calculations can be conducted quickly and efficiently, not only for basic wind load calculations for two and four edge supporting framing systems but also for bolted structural glazing.

Where glass is being specified in guarding situations, calculations and reports can be provided to confirm compliance with the relevant standards and regulations.

The performance of glass with respect to its capacity to transmit light and energy is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, to aid in glass specifications, comprehensive spectrophotometric performance figures can be produced for virtually any configuration of the vast range of glasses from SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS.

This enables an informed comparison of the performance of different glass types.

Risk assessments of thermal shock breakage are also available (and recommended) for energy absorbent glass types such as body-tinted and coated solar control glasses.