Traditionally, conservatories have a reputation of being too hot in the summer and drafty and chilly in the winter months, but with SGG PLANITHERM 4S for conservatory wall glaazing this can truly be a thing of the past. With the right choice of glass your conservatory can be a natural extension to your home, providing usable, extra living space to be enjoyed all year long. Having chosen your preferred roof glass option it is equally important to consider the glass walls.


SGG PLANITHERM 4S combines solar control and thermal insulating properties, to provide a comfortable year round environment, enabling you to get the most out of your conservatory whatever the weather. SGG PLANITHERM 4S can save you money on your energy bills too. The thermal insulating properties mean you will use less energy to heat your conservatory to the desired temperature. The energy cost reduction can be as much as 28%.


Keep cooler in summer…

The SGG PLANITHERM 4S glass is combined with our solar control roof glass products to create high performance conservatory roof glass with outstanding thermal efficiency. However, when purchasing a conservatory, many people choose solar control glass for the roof, but do not consider it for the sidewalls. In south or west facing conservatories in particular, the amount of heat build up can make the conservatory uncomfortable, even when solar control glazing has been used overhead.


When used in conservatory side walls, SGG PLANITHERM 4S:

• Provides excellent levels of solar protection for conservatory side walls, reflecting unwanted heat by up to 56%

• Reduces excessive heat build up compared to standard glazing*

• Has an attractive neutral appearance giving you a clear view of your surroundings

*(please note: this product does not eliminate the need for natural ventilation to prevent overheating)


Keep warmer in winter…

SGG PLANITHERM 4S conservatory wall glass:

• Provides unbeatable thermal insulation, reflecting heat back into the room and reducing heat loss more effectively than traditional low-emissivity glass products

• 63% less heat loss compared to ordinary double-glazing

• Increases energy efficiency by retaining more heat in the room

• Reduces your heating bills

• Reduces the environmental impact of excess energy production

• Maximises the amount of natural daylight coming in to your home, especially important during the darker winter months

• Reduces cold spots and draughts

• Virtually eliminates internal condensation



SGG PLANITHERM 4S is designed for use in double glazing applications, in all frame types for both residential new-build and replacement markets:

- windows and skylights in residential buildings and private domestic housing
- conservatories and patio doors


  • Thermal insulation: reduces heat loss more effectively than traditional low-E products
  • Solar protection: reflects up to 56% of solar heat gain through conservatory sidewalls and as much as 79% when used in conjunction with SGG BIOCLEAN AQUA in the roof areas
  • Energy efficient: reduced need for heating and cooling protects the environment and saves you money
  • Visual comfort: maximising natural light and reducing glare provides an enhanced level of visual comfort.
  • Neutral appearance: beautiful neutral appearance matched the rest of your glazing



SGG PLANITHERM 4S can be combined with many other Saint-Gobain products, permitting a multitude of high performance, multi-functional glazing options including:

  • Self- cleaning and/or solar control glazing
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Safety and security
  • Obscured and/or decorative glazing


Thanks to the versatility of our range of glass products, various added benefits can be combined with your SGG PLANITHERM 4S glass for even greater comfort. As well as heat insulation and solar control you can choose different levels of additional performance to suit your budget needs.



Select the performance level required 1, 2, 3 or 4, then the specific features that are important to you, such as self-cleaning glass for those hard to reach areas.

Level 1 - Year round comfort.

Level 2 - Year round comfort with 1 other benefit of your choice such as enhanced solar control in the roof where it is needed most.

Level 3 - Year round comfort with 2 other benefits of your choice such as self-cleaning glass and sound insulation reducing the effects of rain noise.

Level 4 - Top of the range multi-functional glazing for the ultimate conservatory solution.

Position of the coating

The SGG PLANITHERM 4S coating is generally positioned on face 2 of a double glazed unit, or when combined with the SGG BIOCLEAN roof range it will be positioned on face 3. However, the appearance may vary slightly depending on whether the coating is positioned on face 2 or 3. It is therefore recommended that units are glazed with the coating on the same face throughout a given elevation.

Appearance in reflection

All coated glass, even the most neutral, can have a slightly different appearance when viewed in reflection. This is inherent to the product and depends on the distance, the angle of incidence, the ratio between the levels of internal and external lighting of the building and the type of objects that are reflected on the façade.

Assembly into double-glazed units:

- All SGG PLANITHERM coatings must be edge-deleted before assembly into double-glazed units.
- The coating is always located on the inside of the unit facing the cavity (face 2 or 3).

Toughened, heat -strengthened, heat-soak test

SGG PLANITHERM 4S II must always be toughened before being assembled in double-glazed units. This version cannot be used in annealed form since it acquires its performance characteristics during the toughening process.

• Once the glass has been toughened or heat-strengthened, it can no longer be cut or edgeworked. Similarly, holes and notches can no longer be drilled. All of these processes must be carried out before the glass is toughened.



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