SGG E-CLEAR A is the latest magnetron low-emissivity (low-E) coated glass to be developed on the coater at the UK plant in Eggborough. Designed to complement the existing range of thermally insulating coatings from Saint-Gobain Glass, SGG E-CLEAR A is an entry-level product with a number of specific advantages over traditional pyrolitic (hard) coatings.


It is a durable “single-stock” product for annealed or toughened use that does not require edge-deletion. However, an approved secondary seal must be used up to the edge of the glass in all applications. The transparent metallic coating combines good levels of thermal performance with pleasing aesthetics, making it ideal for both new build and refurbishment residential windows and doors.

This product meets the requirements of the class C products defined in the European standards EN 1096-1 and EN 1096-3. It can only be used in insulating glass units for building applications, with the coating on face 3, or alternatively on face 2, but never on face 1 or 4. It cannot be used in single glazing, opacified single glazing or laminated without edge deletion for curtain wall applications.


Easy to process glass

Thanks to advanced coating technology, new SGG E-CLEAR A provides glass processors with an easier to process, more durable low-E solution that does not require edge-deletion when used with approved sealants. Moreover and to simplify daily business of glass processor, new SGG E-CLEAR A is a single stock product for both annealed and tempered applications with an extended storage shelf life and improved toughening cycle time.


Energy Efficiency

SGG E-CLEAR A has been designed to optimise thermal performance with solar gain, enabling it to achieve a minimum ‘B’ Window Energy Rating with SGG PLANICLEAR standard clear float counter-pane and warm-edge spacer, comfortably complying with current and potential future tightening of the Building Regulations.



With a slightly neutral/blue appearance SGG E-CLEAR A is aesthetically pleasing for window applications and offers installers and fabricators an improved solution for Window Energy Ratings without the haze side-effects of traditional pyrolitic (hard) coatings.


Daylight Comfort

SGG E-CLEAR A improves the well-being of building occupants and lowers the demand for artificial lighting thanks its very high transparency and optical clarity.


Winter Comfort

Thanks to a low centre-pane U-value of 1.3 W/m2K, SGG E-CLEAR A reduces heat loss through windows, making homes more comfortable and reducing cold spots around areas of glazing.


Monolithic Glass:

Standard thickness: 4mm. Other thicknesses may be available upon request subject to minimum order quantities and lead time. Substrate: SGG PLANICLEAR clear float.


Toughened Glass:

SGG E-CLEAR A is a ‘‘single-stock’’ coating and therefore can be used in either annealed or toughened form. It can be toughened to meet the safety requirements of BS EN 12150.


Laminated Glass:

SGG STADIP, SGG STADIP PROTECT and SGG STADIP SILENCE laminated glass - please contact us for lead times and availability.


SGG E-CLEAR A must always be processed into an insulating glass unit (IGU) with the coating positioned towards the inside of the cavity. It cannot be used in single glazing, opacified single glazing or laminated without edge deletion for curtain wall applications.

For full processing and handling instructions please refer to the document ‘‘Guidance for use – “durable” low-E coated glass’’ and summary handling guidelines.


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