After launching major online support initiative SGG LIVE earlier this year, Saint-Gobain Glass UK has now been rewarded for its marketing efforts by winning an award at the company’s Marketing Awards.


Held at Burley Court in Loughborough, the award for Best Marketing Project was presented to Saint-Gobain Glass UK’s Marketing Manager, Susan Lambeth by Fabrice Didier, Vice-President of Marketing for Saint-Gobain.


“It’s great to be recognised for our efforts,” said Susan. “Especially for something as vital as SGG LIVE. We believe it to be a must have tool in an industry as fast-paced as ours because customers can have instant access to all the information they need to make decisions quickly and run their business more effectively.”


SGG LIVE is a powerful new online tool designed to empower users of its products with a wealth of technical, marketing and specification support. It brings together a range of tools that are instantly available, whenever the customer wants then, wherever the customer is, all entirely free of charge.


Interested in SGG LIVE? Why not request a login today at and explore the award-winning online support initiative. 

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SGG Live wins "Best Marketing Project"
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