Everybody is LOVING Interiors, why not be part of it?

With a product launch almost every other month for the last year, Saint-Gobain’s Interior Glass range continues to grow and gain momentum. In recognition of this, a suite of marketing material has being created to support everyone’s LOVE of interior glass.


The LOVE interiors suite of material consists of brochures, stickers and a brand new interior website, with sample kits and a group wide interior event at the Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre in London still to come!


The LOVE Interiors Brochure Pack takes all of Saint-Gobain’s interior glass products and combines them in a convenient format that is highly functional whilst offering a wealth of ideas to designers. The complementary LOVE Interiors webpage offers a simple, easily accessed location through which specifiers may get an instant ‘fix’ of the company’s products whilst also providing quick links to order a brochure pack, request a visit or call for specific information.


Keep up to date with all the latest gossip on Twitter @SGG UK_Interiors or simply visit the webpage www.saint-gobain-interiorglass.com and have a look around.


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