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After installation it is recommended that the SGG BIOCLEAN is thoroughly cleaned in accordance with our guidelines (document B1 and B2), which can be found on Once installed the coating requires around 10 days to be activated by UV light. Provided the suckers used were in good condition and free of silicon residues, the marks should disappear.

Self-cleaning glass does work, but it is not a 100% maintenance-free product. It requires UV light and rain (or water) to work, so areas where there is the most exposure will show the best results. During dry spells, a rinse with a hosepipe will assist with this rinsing action. For real-life case studies and to see it in action visit our specialist website to view our 'Success Stories' video.

Self-cleaning glass is glass with a special 'hydrophilic' and 'photocatalytic' coating on one face. This coating is activated using UV rays present in daylight. The photocatalytic action actually breaks down organic dirt that lands on the surface and prevents inorganic (mineral) dirt from sticking to it. Hydrophilic means that it loves water so when it rains or is hosed down the water sheets across the surface, thus rinsing the broken down dirt away and drying more quickly and uniformly. Windows therefore stay cleaner for longer and are easier to clean if necessary.


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You can download a list of approved products for use with SGG BIOCLEAN self-cleaning glass from the dedicated mini-site in the "Technical Information" section.


This list is also available in the professional area of in the "Technical Support" section under "Glazing".


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