World's first glassmaker to have performed Life Cycle Assessments


We are the only business in the glass sector to have performed Life Cycle Assessments, and to have embarked on such a rigorous environmental strategy. 

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) allows to quantify a product’s environmental footprint, in accordance with international standards (ISO 14 040 and 14 044). It studies two major aspects: 

  • all stages of the Life Cycle of the product: from raw material extraction to the end-of-life stage, via manufacturing;
  • all environmental impacts generated by the product: CO2 emissions, energy consumption, water consumption, air pollution...
Our Life Cycle Assessments assess the impact of glazing and mirrors, manufactured by Saint-Gobain Glass and transformed by Glassolutions, during their whole lifetime, including utilization. The results of a Life Cycle Assessment are presented in the form of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This Environmental Product Declaration contains a lot of tables, such as the summary table showed below.