About Saint-Gobain Glass UK

Environmental awareness and the manufacturing industry would appear to occupy opposite ends

of the spectrum, yet, as one of the UK’s largest glass manufacturers, we at Saint-Gobain Glass

UK place environmental concerns, the needs of the local community and our workforce firmly

at the top of our agenda.


We have found that our insistence on an environmental commitment does not conflict with our other ambitions of world-class product development, innovation and growth. Quite the contrary: to us the

two are naturally compatible. Products manufactured using glass from Saint-Gobain Glass last for many years and play an important part in keeping the energy consumption of buildings to a minimum. Over its lifetime, a Saint-Gobain Glass product will save over one hundred times more energy than was originally used in its manufacture.


Saint-Gobain Glass UK’s Managing Director and Senior Management team recognise that managing the company’s activities in an environmentally responsible manner makes sound business sense and demonstrates a commitment to the principles of sustainability.


Through practical leadership and the adoption of a concerted approach, our goal is to prevent pollution, minimise waste and achieve continual improvement in environmental performance.


Through the application of documented management systems certified to ISO 14001:2004, the company has committed to:

• Identify environmental aspects

• Assess significant impacts and risks

• Set objectives and targets based on the principles of:

- Effective use of resources

- Energy efficiency

- Waste minimisation

- Prevention of pollution

- Compliance with legislation

- Enhancement of local and stakeholder relations

- Monitoring and reviewing of performance against these targets at periodic intervals


The company will ensure that:

• It is legally compliant

• Waste is reduced and raw materials are used efficiently

• Emissions are controlled to the best of its ability

• All visitors to site comply with its environmental policy

• Suppliers’ environmental management standards are evaluated as part of the supplier approval process

• All reasonable care is taken to mitigate adverse environmental impact

• Employees are trained to meet the continual changes in environmental priorities


Our key commitments are to:

• Reduce non-recoverable waste to zero

• Reduce emissions to the atmosphere and water

• Reduce noise pollution

• Reduce water consumption

• Use energy more efficiently

• Reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption related to our operations and buildings

• Continue to roll out ISO 14001 Environmental Certification across the business


To find out more about the Saint-Gobain Group, Sait-Gobain Glass Worldwide and Saint-Gobain Glass UK please read About Us