Purchasing a conservatory is a major decision, which depending upon the size, quality and design can be a significant investment. Conservatories can offer a bright and airy place to relax and enjoy uninterrupted views outside whilst maintaining a comfortable ambience inside.
When choosing a conservatory, you need to ensure it will match your own specific lifestyle requirements and to achieve that, the right choice of glass is key.
Saint-Gobain Glass UK offers a range of conservatory glass, from specific roof glazing to side-wall glazing. Our conservatory roof glass range offers you a choice of four attractive tints all with low maintenance self-cleaning, solar control and thermal insulation. Specify SGG PLANITHERM 4S for the conservatory wall glass and you will get the benefit of solar control for the summer with the lowest U-value possible in a double glazed unit to retain heat in the cooler winter months, providing year round comfort.